• Helprace Wins Most User Friendly Help Desk Award

    Mon, 9 Oct 2017, in Helprace, Releases

    We’ve taken top place (edging out 20 other products) as the most easy to use help desk out there!

    User Friendly Help Desk

    Helprace, a multi-channel help desk has taken the #1 place for “Most User-Friendly Help Desk Software” at Capterra, a trusted b2b software resource.

    Research was conducted in August and finally published at the end of September 2017. The numbers are in and we’re proud to share that we edged some big names for top place.

    Is a user-friendliness that important?

    You bet!

    As part of the study, Capterra researchers determined that ease of use (if it’s easy to use) as by far the most important factor to buyers considering help desk software. This is closely followed by a software’s feature content. Reputation, popularity and price are things help desk buyers care less about.

    Ease of Usephoto credit Capterra

    Usability is a vital metric for software buyers when comparing products against each other, too. It helps streamline the buying process by focusing on how usable the product is in real-life, everyday situations.

    How was the data calculated?

    Capterra researchers also performed common tasks that represent how organization would use a system in a typical setting. The following tasks were timed in seconds for each piece of software tested:

    • Adding a user
    • Creating a ticket
    • Resolving & closing a ticket
    • Adding a knowledge base article
    • Generating a report

    The team considered ease of executing common tasks (where we took top place), customer services offered (we offer knowledge base, video tutorials, webinars as well as email and chat support) and user reviews submitted to the Capterra site.

    Helprace is really all about the customer.

    said Gregory Koldirkaev, founder and CEO of Helprace.

    I’ve always believed that customer service is the single thing that can make or break a business. We always kept an eye on the user (and end-user) experience, so that even first-timers can accomplish what they came for without a second thought.

    For us, being recognized by Capterra as the most user friendly help desk was a real proud moment. It communicated why so many customers choose and trust Helprace: the peace of mind and security that comes with saving precious effort, time and money.

    What is Helprace?

    Helprace is an easy to use customer service software designed to take the omnichannel support experience to startups, small and medium businesses. It’s designed for businesses of all shapes, sizes and to work across a number of company structures.

    In case you didn’t know, here are some of Helprace’s help desk features:

    Helprace is a Tampa, FL-based help desk and online support system. Helprace is trusted by clients worldwide spanning a wide range of industries and company structures.


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