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Tickets & Email Management

Looks Like Email

For your customers it is just email. If you want it that way. If not, there is visual editor and a plenty of placeholders available for your custom design.

Smart Filters

Quick links to ticket queues in your admin panel. Link to tickets based on their assignee, status, tag, priority, etc.

Smart Filters

Ticket Activity Log

Track every tiny detail of what happened to a ticket: attributes changed, notifications sent, case rules triggered, macros used, etc.

Ticket Activity Log

Internal Staff Notes

Collaborate on tickets privately and in real time. Leave notes for yourself or team members.

Hide Replies

Hide duplicate or unwanted replies from a ticket.

Editable Replies

Edit user and agent replies to tickets. Only agents can see original replies.

Default Action on Submit

Select a desired status that’s automatically applied on ticket submission. Choose to stay on the ticket or return to ticket list by default.

Default Action on Submit

Tickets Preview

Preview tickets without leaving the page you’re on.

Ticket Assignment

Delegate tickets between team members or automate assignment with case rules.

Ticket Assignment

Email Signatures

Add custom email signatures with a logo and rich formatting to every reply.

Email Commands

Respond to tickets via your email client and manage them using #commands without logging in to your Helprace admin panel.

Email Commands


Continue working on a ticket where you left off.

Multiple Inboxes

Manage requests coming to different mailboxes from one place. Assign and organize tickets based on the inbox.

Agent Collision Detection

Get real-time alerts when others are viewing or replying to a ticket.

Agent Collision Detection

Saved Replies

Answer common questions with a saved reply (canned response). Placeholders for customer’s name and email are also supported.

Saved Replies

Split Ticket

Are customers raising multiple, unrelated issues in one ticket? Keep it organized by creating a new ticket from a reply in one click.


Update multiple ticket properties in a single click with macros.


Real-Time Data

Don’t miss new tickets, replies and status changes – they’ll be updated in real-time without the need to hit refresh.

Auto Reply

Send automated emails notifying the user their email has been received.


Use tags to organize tickets, filter reports and trigger workflows.

Ticket Tags

See Tickets by Tag

Click on a tag to see a list of corresponding tickets. Preview each individual ticket without leaving your page.

Merge Tickets

Merge multiple tickets from one customer into one ticket thread.

Play Button

Submit & move on to the next ticket until all of them are addressed, without going back to the ticket list.

Advanced Formatting

Format replies with font styles, links, quotes, lists, pictures and even code snippets with syntax highlighting.

Personalized Emails

Personalize your conversations: include the agent’s name in the email’s “from” field.

Satisfaction Ratings

Let customers rate their support experience, e.g. after a ticket is solved or when agent sends a reply.

Case Rules

Run automated workflows when certain conditions are met, e.g.: send notifications, update ticket fields or route incoming tickets.


Know when you agents aren’t meeting your mandated SLA goals.

Insert Articles into Tickets

Insert links to knowledge base articles or community topics into tickets.

Suggested Articles

See suggested docs articles and community topics that could help you with solving the ticket.

Custom Fields

Set up additional fields to store custom data for each ticket. Make them required to ensure that users fill in information needed to solve their problem.

Customer Profiles

Editable and autopopulated customer profiles let you track all previous history of interactions.

Customer Profiles

Auto-assign Tickets

Assign tickets to least busy agents or in a circular order (round-robin).

Previous & Next Navigation

Go back and forth between tickets without returning to the ticket list.

Bulk Tickets Update

Change multiple ticket attributes and reply to many tickets at once.


Busiest Time of Day

Pinpoint days and times your customers are being most active.

Busiest Time of Day

Replies to Solve

Visualize ticket timelines: learn how many times a ticket is bounced around before it’s solved.

Response Time

Learn how long users normally wait for an agent’s response.

Response Time

Resolution Time

Find out the average time it takes to solve a ticket.

Happiness Report

See what customers are satisfied and what they have to say about your customer service.

First Response Time

Track how long it takes for agents to respond to a user’s first message.

First Response Time

Team Report

View all reports according to team member.

Custom Dates

See reports from a preset or custom date range.


Compare your reports to a previous period or custom date range.

Printable Reports

Print your reports in a neatly organized layout.

Business Hours

Exclude non-working hours from being counted in response and resolution time reports.


Quickly recall reports by mailbox, tag, support channel, ticket type or ticket priority. Save these reports as views.

Community & Feedback

Crowd-Sourced Help

A community for your brand where customers can turn for answers or help one another.

User Feedback

Users can ask a question, suggest an idea, report a problem or give praise from your support portal or website.

User Feedback

Instant Answers

As users type in their query, similar topics or articles appear on the page. This prevents duplicate submissions.

Lock Comments

Lock discussions to further comments. Close topics individually or automatically when they get a certain status.

Activity Stream

An activity feed shows the most recent activity, including user posts, comments, likes and follows.

Activity Stream

Related Topics

A list of similar topics is generated automatically in the sidebar.


Keep working on topics and replies even after you forgot to save them.

Mark Best Replies

Select the best reply to appear at the top. Draw attention to the right answer in busy discussions.


Let users select a category when they are submitting a new topic.

Vote on Behalf of User

Know a user that supports an idea but has no time to vote for it? Make their vote count and vote on their behalf.

Customizable Voting

Customize voting options for topics and replies in your community.

Customizable Voting

Multiple Spaces

Create separate discussion boards for your customers and teams, each with its own logo, permissions and search.

Internal Communities

Create a private community for your team.

Agent Collision Detection

Alerts agents when they try to modify a topic that someone else is editing.

Ideas Lab

Collect customer ideas and make better decisions when prioritizing tasks or planning a road map.

Collect Feedback

Be aware of user sentiment, act on feedback and build a business that your customers want.

Questions & Answers

Keep a relevant FAQ. Allow customers to compile a library of questions and answers important to them.

Merge Duplicate Topics

Combine multiple topics, their content, comments and votes into one topic.

Vote Limit

Get maximum value out of every vote. Set custom limits for how many times users can vote on ideas.

Post on Behalf of User

Give credit where it’s due by posting on behalf of a user if they bring up a great point in a phone conversation.

Docs & KB

Related Articles

A list of similar articles is generated automatically in the sidebar.

Related Articles


Keep working on articles and replies even if you leave without submitting your work.

Internal Docs

Create a private document library accessible only to your staff.


Publish articles only when you’re ready. Hide articles anytime without deleting them.


Add categories for different subject matter in your knowledge base.

Article Usefulness Rating

Allow users to mark articles useful or not useful and improve your content.

Article Usefulness Rating

Issue Tracking

Collect and resolve issues bought up by your user base. Keep them updated on the resolution status.

Agent Collision Detection

Alerts agents when they try to modify an article that someone else is editing.

Multiple Products

Divide your products, services, or departments into separate spaces with their own logo, permissions and search.

Multiple Products

Common Features


Provide customer service in your native tongue: 25 languages available.

Spam Filtering

Built-in spam filter that scans incoming email and user-submitted posts.

Following and Notifications

Following a topic notifies you of any activity (through individual or daily digest emails). Interacting with a post subscribes you automatically.

Notifications for Agents

Stay notified of every activity in the user portal as an agent.


Share topics or articles of interest using email or social media.



Use tags to assist in searching, filing and categorization. Users can add tags, too.


Complete and separate activity feeds for every space, feedback channel and customer.


Simple yet powerful visual editor for your tickets, articles and topics.

Images & Video

Insert images, videos, charts, graphs and GIFs into your content.

Customer Portal


Real-time full-text search with stemming.

Custom Branding

Upload brand assets to your support portal to reflect your company’s image.

Custom Domain

Assign a custom domain alias to your portal, e.g.

Instant Answers

Prevent duplicate discussions by showing users relevant community topics and docs articles while they are composing a new post.

Customizable Portal

Add custom header, footer, CSS and JavaScript to your user portal.


Feedback Widget for Website

Let your customers search for information and provide feedback without leaving your website.

Feedback Widget Plugin for WordPress

Add feedback tab right to your WordPress blog or website without messing with the code.

Google Analytics

Link Google Analytics to your Helprace account and keep track of site traffic.

Facebook Page Plugin

Add an interactive Facebook page widget to your user portal.

Developer API

Integrate your helpdesk with your website or app using Helprace REST API.


Call a script on your server when a certain event has happened with a ticket, topic, or user.

Security & Authentication

Social Sign-In

Let users sign in using their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

99.99% uptime

Maximum uptime guaranteed.

SSL Encryption

Your Helprace portal works via secure https:// protocol protecting you and your customers at all times. Yes, it works for custom domain aliases too.

SSL Encryption

PCI compliance (Level 1)

Payment details are stored and processed securely.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integrate Helprace with the sign in system of your app or website.

Network Access Restriction

Allow certain IP ranges access to your Helprace or deny anonymous access.

HIPAA Compliance

Additional security for organizations that manage protected health information (PHI).

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