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    Mon, 20 Nov 2017, in Helprace, Releases

    Ticket Play Mode

    Did you check out ticket list view recently? You may have noticed a triangular “play” button to the right of the search bar.

    We’re all about optimizing agent productivity and making it easier for support teams to reach their collective goals. That’s why we’re releasing the much-anticipated Play Mode in your help desk interface.

    What is this all about?

    Ticket Play helps you cycle through tickets in the current filter, until no more tickets are left. This is particularly useful when you want to keep agents on their ticket queue without jumping between tickets in the ticket list.

    Here are some other reasons for using the Play Mode:

    • Tickets are shown in order of the selected filter view. This means you can have tickets that are tagged Urgent for example, show up first. Or, you can choose to start with the older tickets. It’s really up to you!
    • Agents spend more time working on tickets and less time deciding what to do. This is particularly useful when you want to require agents to use this function and enforce a particular behavior.
    • It forces you to optimize your filter system. This can mean re-categorizing tickets in certain “tiers” by difficulty. Now, agents can be assigned to the right ticket queue and escalation will be minimal.

    In short, Ticket Play is perfect for our support software users that want to simplify ticket workflows. This keeps support goals more attainable and customer departments more nimble. Since support teams spend less time assigning, delivering and prioritizing tickets from each filter, they end up doing more work in less time.

    Lastly, measuring service desk performance in accordance with the changes in these workflows becomes easier. Since tickets are being solved faster, satisfaction fluctuates less and becomes more indicative of the real situation (more stable throughout the week).

    Like this update? Have your own thoughts to share on the matter? Head to our support portal and let us know!

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