• Postpone Requests With Ticket Reminder (Snooze Ticket)

    Mon, 26 Feb 2018, in Helprace, Releases

    ticket reminder

    Imagine you get a non-important PR request, and you’d rather put it on hold for a week – but it’s right there with your important emails, clogging up your to-do list?

    You move it to a different list, but then you risk losing track of it as it’s still waiting for your attention.


    This week we launched ticket reminders (also known as snooze ticket) – a crucial help desk feature in our opinion – for those times when you want to re-open a ticket later, or send an email a non-responsive customer. You can even set a specific date and time you want to reach out if you haven’t heard from the customer before then.

    What’s more:

    1. Work on a ticket at a later time.

    You can set email reminders to remember to follow up in exactly the right amount of time convenient for you. Your customers won’t know a thing.

    2. Follow up with a customer in a number of days.

    Clear out your “unsolved” mailbox. Out of sight and out of mind – until that moment comes along when you actually need to address that ticket.

    3. Improve your own productivity.

    Improve your day-to-day activities. Bring up certain information you forgot about right before a networking event or a meeting. Remind yourself of your client’s notes before a meeting.

    You can also use ticket reminders with Helprace workflows and macros.

    Want the full lowdown on how ticket reminders work? Check out our knowledge base article to learn more!

    Happy Helpracing :)

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