• How to Remove Barriers to Customer Feedback?

    Thu, 4 Jan 2018, in Helprace, Releases

    customer feedback barrier

    One of the main barriers to building a more customer-centric business is the effort it takes.

    The effort it takes to make sense of your website.

    The effort it takes to reach a support representative.

    The effort it takes to leave a review or report a complaint.

    In other words, it’s the effort it takes for the customer to get any value out of any interaction they may have with your company.

    After all, customers don’t have to leave feedback.

    They either choose to buy your product or they don’t. At most, you’d hope they successfully use your product to bring you maximum revenue. Nowhere are they duty-bound to go above and beyond to justify their behavior or spill out their thoughts on the matter.

    When customers want to give you feedback, they are doing you a huge service. To gather consistent, high quality customer feedback it’s increasingly important to demonstrate to your customers that that their time and effort is valued.

    Less barriers to feedback = more fluid customer experience

    This is the primary reason why we give our customers the ability to submit new topics and start discussions with only an email address. There is no need to fill out the registration form, set a username and password, and spend time logging in.

    By allowing your customers to submit their feedback anonymously, you:

    • make it easy for customers to submit their questions, ideas, issues or praise without committing themselves for community or revealing their identity.
    • cultivate a culture around customer feedback, so that companies can dig deeper and understand what customers really care about.
    • exchange dialogue, promote expert advice and get everyone involved in discussions (customers and team members alike).
    • improve loyalty, positive brand perception and positive customer lifetime value.

    Basically, all the important things that your company (including your sales, marketing, product and support teams) want to accomplish.

    Here’s how Helprace can help:

    We now make it easier to get customers interacting in your community and self-service portal. Simply go to the admin panel, head to Settings under Community and check “Posting w/o Signup”. Voila! Users will be able to share feedback easily and intuitively – something that will encourage a more honest customer voice.

    Posting Without Signup

    Turning “customer experience” from a buzzword into reality

    A successful community is a collaboration effort. It requires a concentrated involvement from customers, team members and management to bring tangible benefit to your brand. Discussions need input and cross-department engagement.

    Your team has it covered: after all, they know the software and the product best. They feel comfortable engaging in the community and leverage its value to help grow the company.

    Customers, they’re on the other side of it all. The community and even the product may seem foreign to them, so they can’t be bothered to perform complex actions.

    Learn more

    Want to know how to make your customer service more special? Want to deliver memorable customer experience that will set your brand apart? Not only that – save time, money, improve team morale and productivity?

    Help desk assistance

    We’re constantly pushing new updates to make your online community, self-service site and ticketing system to work together better. We want you to be in control of eery stage of the relationship building process with your customers. And this update is just a small step of many in that direction.

    Part of that is making it as easy as possible for your customers to leave feedback and freeing up your hands to act on it. Remember that just last week, gave staff members the ability to post and vote on behalf of users.

    If you’d like to learn more about how anonymous feedback works in Helprace, take a look at our knowledge base article for additional details.

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