• How Helpful Are You? Find out with Satisfaction Ratings

    Wed, 25 May 2016, in Helprace, Releases

    The end of May fills us with great optimism, sunscreen, cool drinks and (hopefully) ant-free picnics.

    Customer satisfaction

    We like to use this enthusiasm to keep customers happy, too. But great customer support isn’t only about quickly solved tickets, fast response times or the number of emails answered. What good is it all if your customers aren’t satisfied?

    That’s why it’s so important for support teams to know whether their responses are actually helping any. And today, we’re unveiling a feature letting you do just that!

    Customer satisfaction ratings

    When enabled, customers will receive an additional email 24 hours after their ticket is solved, allowing them to rate their support experience.

    Request to rate satisfaction

    Customers simply click on the appropriate rating in an email message to cast their vote. They’ll be able to leave an optional comment, too.

    It’s also fully customizable: tailor the email template to your liking; choose when to send it (as part of the agent’s reply or upon ticket resolution); or gather feedback for certain tickets or customers.

    The best part? Customers don’t need to be logged in or fill anything out. As they’re submitted, ratings appear in ticket view, allowing agents to follow up on a pressing issue right away. 

    This simple guide will get you started with customer satisfaction ratings in your help desk. Keep an eye out for it in our Helpdesk and Complete plans.

    Auto save content

    Don’t you hate it when your browser crashes or you close the tab before submitting a long response to a customer? What if you need to quickly jump to another ticket, leaving your previous replies behind (if only for a short time)? With the auto save feature, you’ll be able to come back and finish abandoned replies anytime.

    And it doesn’t only work with tickets. It’s also for compiling community or knowledge base posts, replies and comments.

    Choose who’s sending what 

    If you have multiple email accounts in your Helprace, you’ll now be able to set a “From” address when creating a new ticket.

    Meaning, subsequent updates to that ticket will “magically” be sent from that address! Multiple email accounts are available in the “Targeted (Ticketing)” and “All-In” plans.

    Slight reorganizing

    You might have noticed that “Moderation” and “Spaces” buttons have disappeared from your header menu. Don’t worry – they’re still alive!

    You’ll see them when clicking the Community button: the Moderation section has turned into a Spam filter while managing Spaces is now done through the dropdown menu. A welcome and logical change! 

    More housekeeping…

    I could go on and on about other updates such as faster loading times, tiny adjustments and little fixes we launched in this update – but you get the idea :) 

    Got any questions or concerns? Jump to our support portal and drop us a line! Better yet, suggest what you’d like to see next and maybe we’ll build it!


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