• Helprace Community Update 4: Limit User Actions

    Wed, 20 Dec 2017, in Communities, Helprace, Releases

    limit user actions helprace

    Sometimes you may want to limit certain actions for users in your community.

    Why? In short: Too much of something can be a bad thing.

    The long version: Community managers must find a balance between giving customers enough freedom to discuss things that are important to them, while controlling the general direction of discussions, all while quantifying customer sentiment properly.

    Without moderation, customers can:

    • bringing up resolved issues “from the dead”
    • carry discussions on an unrelated path
    • bring too much attention to unimportant issues

    Aside from investing heavily into additional community management moderators, there’s not much left to do in this situation. So wouldn’t it be nice if the software could manage a thing or two by itself?

    Fear not – we’re unleashing two main enhancements to make community moderation a little easier.

    Limit votes

    You can’t allocate resources properly if you don’t have an accurate understanding of where to direct your attention.

    That’s why you might want to limit how many times users can cast their votes on ideas:vote limits

    By default, everyone has unlimited votes – but you can select a desired limit to assign to each user. If you’ve got negative votes enabled, they count against the positive votes.

    You can learn more about vote limits in this article.

    Limit comments

    You can close knowledge base articles & topics to commenting manually or when they reach a certain status.

    For example, when a certain idea is completed or a problem is resolved, you may want to close up the conversation thread:

    vote limits closed

    To learn more, take a look at this article in our knowledge base.

    Over to you…

    We’re always looking to hear back from you regarding our updates. Why not head to our support portal and let us know your thoughts?


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