• Helprace Community Update 2: Actions on Behalf of Users

    Thu, 14 Dec 2017, in Communities, Helprace, Releases

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    A customer community is a beautiful thing.

    It offers the company multiple perspectives, feedback and an engaging platform to build loyalty.

    But users that are given free reign to discuss the details of your product or service without any moderation can offer biased advice or wrong answers.

    A conversation that’s missing the right details will do more harm than good. Existing customers will receive incomplete information, and new visitors will get the wrong idea altogether. Bummer!

    Many of our customers said they want to perform certain actions on behalf of their users. While this may seem a bit Orwellian, there are some valid reasons for doing so. Consider these situations:

    • A customer emails you with a critical workaround that may help others
    • A user brings up a great idea by phone or email, and you’d like to document it
    • A client is unsure how (or doesn’t have the time) to share their suggestion

    In all of these cases, you may want to submit these posts on behalf of their original creators to better record, track and assign resources to them.

    Voting on behalf of users

    Imagine this scenario:

    You’re working on a ticket where a user has expressed support for a certain idea. This idea has already been suggested in the community and you think they didn’t vote for it. You don’t want to force them to participate in your community, but you wish to lodge their vote without leaving the ticket.

    You can finally vote on behalf of your customers while:

    • working on a ticket
    • viewing a community topic
    • in the People page

    Learn more in about voting on behalf of users.

    Starting a topic on behalf of user

    Ever need to take over a knowledge base article for your coworker who called in sick?

    Worry no more – you can even publish the article on their behalf

    Have a particularly knowledgable client and want to give credit where it’s due? Want to incorporate a customer’s ideas into a white paper? You can publish on behalf of anyone in your Helprace. Learn more about this feature in our documentation.

    What do you think?

    Have an idea for something you’d like to see? Share it in our portal and we’ll keep you posted on its status!


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