• Helprace Community Update 1: New Control Panel

    Mon, 11 Dec 2017, in Communities, Helprace, Releases

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    We’ve long centered Helprace around appreciation for self-service.

    However, using the admin panel as opposed to the user-facing area of your Helprace didn’t make much difference – until now.

    Now you can understand what’s helping your users and what’s not. You can use their feedback to improve content and start building what your customers actually want. Lastly, you can measure the overall customer sentiment in your community by drilling down to every piece of content.

    All this is possible right now, with our brand-new viewing options for community managers.

    Just open up any discussion or knowledge base article in your admin panel – you will see the following four tabs below your article:

    List of Replies

    Got a popular discussions with tons of replies? Now you’re able to see how many replies there are and what answers are particularly popular.

    community replies

    The core functionality hasn’t changed, as you can quickly participate in conversations and sort replies according to your needs.

    List of Voters

    Get a bird’s eye view of who voted for your content and how. Drill down on who voted positively or negatively, and by how much.

    community votes

    You can also see who exactly isn’t happy with your articles in the knowledge base – and take action. Reach out to that user by clicking the envelope icon and send them an email about their feedback.

    List of Followers

    A user follows a topic (subscribes to email notifications about it) automatically when he or she leaves a reply or casts a vote.

    community followers

    Find out who’s following a particular discussion or unsubscribe them from receiving emails about it. Send that user a message by clicking the envelope icon.

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    Want to do some housekeeping in the community?

    Got a new idea suggested or issue reported? Here’s an easy way to find out if it’s been posted before.

    community related

    From here, you can preview these discussions, filter them by the right channel, or merge them together.

    Stay tuned!

    As part of this giant overhaul, we are going to be releasing a number of subsequent updates in the next few days. They will dive in a little deeper into your Helprace portal’s new productivity features.

    So if you have an questions or comments about this update, just share your thoughts in our support portal – We’ll look forward to seeing you there!


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