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    Fri, 27 Oct 2017, in Helprace, Releases

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    Once upon a time when we started Helprace, we introduced the idea of Helprace Apps.

    Apps are sort of a management center that allows you to enable or disable your help desk, community or knowledge base. This gives you more control over the type of support solutions you want to use (or not use).

    We’re super excited to present another level of customization with Custom Apps. Now you have an ability to pull data from other systems into your user sidebar.

    Whatever information you may have in your 3rd party (like customer history, order value, bug reports) is essential for great customer service. Yet going back and forth between different types of software gets old quickly. You need data at your fingertips, where you’re already working with and serving customers.

    Helprace Custom Apps 2

    This is where Custom Apps come in. You can finally integrate your 3rd party app with Helprace, so you can see all the relevant data right in your customer profile or ticket sidebar. Custom Apps allows you to create beautiful collapsible snippets of data either dynamically or via HTML.

    So how does it all work?

    There are two components to Custom Apps. You can either compile static (quick to set up but with limited functionality) or dynamic (needs more coding, but more potential for integration) apps.<.p>

    Static Apps

    With the static app, you can insert things like links that do a query search, html code that show a set of information that doesn’t change. You can use placeholders to reference certain ticket & user characteristics, however.

    Dynamic Apps

    These apps require a bit more coding (as it involves integrating Helprace between a 3rd party system). But once you get up to speed, you’ll be able to design your app to show data from internal systems right in your sidebar.

    Learn more about building custom apps

    If you’d like to learn more about setting up your apps, head to our Building Custom Apps article. It explains in depth the differences between the two types of apps.

    Need a helping hand designing your app? We created a neat and handy style guide to help you come up with the best design elements for your app. You can also see some example apps that could be used in your application.

    Questions? Ideas?

    Of course, don’t hesitate to suggest what you’d like to see next. We’re all looking forward to your feedback :)

    Until next time!

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