• Rethink Customer Interaction with a Ticketing System

    Mon, 2 Jun 2014, in Releases

    Many of us probably think that companies take incoming customer requests, work their magic and out comes a satisfied customer.

    This is only partially true. As a company grows, there is no guarantee that these requests can be handled in a timely fashion without sacrificing service quality. A ticket is simply a record of conversations, keeping requests in one place and accessible by all team members. A ticket is a way for Helprace help desk to manage your conversations without adding extra strain on your support agents and sacrificing the quality of your support that you have worked so hard to achieve.

    Rethink Customer Interaction with a Ticketing System

    Why use a ticketing system when I can email?

    A ticketing system isn’t just trumped-up email software. It’s a way for customer service agents to track accountability, improve efficiency and portray a sense of organization and transparency that is valuable in the eyes of a customer. Since events are recorded, multiple agents can collaborate on one ticket, leaving a trail of data useful in analyzing performance. Your agents have the ability to search and filter data, take advantage of built-in productivity tools, all without complicated set up procedures.

    Still, why should I change my ways?

    When your customers come to you with a problem, they want help immediately and the issue resolved by the guy who’s seen smiling on your website. With your business and call center closed, how in the world will you make this customer happy? The only way out of this hurdle is Helprace ticketing system that tracks, manages and even automates every possible action associated with the support ticket. The result? Customers get personalized service and maintain full control over their experience.

    With Helprace, you make every customer happy

    We’re thrilled to finally introduce the Helprace online ticketing system to complement our community and knowledge base. Like other aspects of Helprace customer service software, the ticketing system is online-based and ready-to-use. Since all information is hosted on our secure servers, there is no need to worry about server or software updates. What’s more, your ticketing system will be updated automatically as software improvements are released.

    Here are just some of the features of the Helprace case management system:

    Centralized place

    Since all customer correspondence is stored in one centralized location, it’s easy for agents to tackle all your customer’s questions and concerns. Your agents have more time to route, assign and resolve tickets. You even have the power to alert agents if ticket conditions are not met.

    Searchable data

    Your data is always searchable, so you can cross-reference and complement everything from your tickets to knowledge base articles to community posts. Track conversations from their inception to resolution, wherever these conversations may have originated on the Helprace platform.

    Ticket Workflow

    The Helprace ticketing system is designed with efficiency in mind. It comes with workflow tools out of the box, such as ticket triggers, automations and filters. Lastly, your Helprace help desk has an email-inspired interface, meaning no wasting time learning how to use complicated software.


    Multiple agents are able to send private ticket notifications to each other, without the end-user being aware that this interaction is taking place. This enables multiple team members to combine their strengths and put their best foot forward in each and every customer interaction.

    Start tackling those tickets today!

    In a nutshell, Helprace provides your company with a ticketing system which is incorporated into other venues of our software. This means that no matter how your customers contact you, our centralized software suite ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

    In just a few seconds, you can join Helprace and quickly experience the benefits of a dedicated, easy-to-use customer service platform. Take a look at our tour to see what separates Helprace from other customer service software out there. Register to start using your trial and read up our many resources along the way to find out how Helprace can help you expand your business.


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