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    Sat, 14 Sep 2013, in Releases

    Once upon a time, an email inbox was enough to offer online customer service. All you had to do was check your email a few times a day and you could live happily ever after.

    The Next Big Step in Customer Service: Communitiesphoto credit mrtopf

    Of course, good things (sometimes) come to an end, and maintaining high levels of customer service now means more than just a few clicks around your email interface. In order to keep up with the Joneses, companies must take a more proactive approach in identifying customer conversations – and involving the team in maintaining them. It all sounds so confusing. In simpler terms, companies should consider starting a community.

    How do you stay ahead of the customer?

    We at Helprace have always believed in the power of the customer. We’ve studied the market for years and watched how consumer expectations have changed. Customers have established a powerful voice which shifted demands of companies looking to cater to that voice.

    We found out that a wide majority – over 90 percent of modern customers prefer self-service, and an equally high amount would use such a service if available. We dug deeper and realized that companies are missing out on all-important marketing capabilities of their communities. After all, with one successful community, companies can conduct market research, generate product ideas, personalize customer service, and most importantly strengthen existing customer relationships and brand equity.

    Helprace communities make support a breeze

    Our team of customer service gurus (who also happen to be software wizards) decided to unleash a brand-new community management platform that could serve as a self-service and a marketing tool simultaneously.

    Our recipe is simple:  

    1. Base a community on simplicity;
    2. Create a user experience with marketing in mind;
    3. Wrap it in a package that will promote your brand.

    Streamline customer service with a Helprace community

    Customer support in Helprace is based on removing complexity out of the self-help experience. We were inspired by FAQ (frequently asked questions) sites that are simple, easy to navigate and informative. Our customization options ensure that trending, highest voted or newest information is at the top where it will be relevant to your users.

    Use your Helprace community to market your brand

    Few marketing agencies have successfully created intuitive, enjoyable communities that keep users coming back. With Helprace, there is no need to hire a marketing agency to promote your community. We direct customer interaction into 4 feedback categories, so engagement becomes promotion-driven rather than simply being community-driven.

    After all, your community is part of your company

    When a community becomes successful, it will do your brand promotion for you without outside help. Customize your community to reflect your brand – add logos, domain aliasing and unlimited number of company pages.

    Start your own community today!

    The science of customer interaction is what drives our team to reach new heights. We are constantly tweaking our community to center around the ever-changing demands of the customer.

    In just a few seconds, you can join Helprace and quickly experience the benefits of a dedicated, easy-to-use customer service platform. Take a look at our Tour to see what separates Helprace from other customer service software out there. Register to start using your trial and read up our many resources along the way to find out how Helprace can help you expand your business.


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