• Make Support Faster and More Productive with Macros

    Mon, 2 Feb 2015, in Releases

    Are you getting the same kind of questions from your customers time and time again?

    If you have a thriving business with growing support needs, you’re probably noticing that nothing slows your agents more than answering the same tickets over and over again. We listened to your ideas in our support portal and as always, want to make sure you’re getting the most out of Helprace.

    We know that support begins with your agents and ends with your customers, so we strive daily to craft a product that helps you in your support goals. That’s why we developed Helprace Macros. With the help of Macros, agents become more efficient and shoot off tickets faster than ever before.

     We’re certain you’ll not only love using Macros, but wonder how you could ever live without them!

    What are Macros?

    Macros are productivity “shortcuts” that pool multiple ticket actions into one command.  These commands can include inserting customizable messages and changing ticket properties. Agents can call up previously defined commands, improving productivity and simplifying ticket management.

    Make support faster and more productive with macros

    Here’s what you can do with Macros:

    Respond with canned replies – ability to insert pre-set responses to commonly asked requests into the standard reply.

    Use placeholders in replies – allowing agents to modify answers with commands referring to specific ticket properties.

    Change ticket properties – ability to set tags and change ticket attributes using multiple commands per Macro.

    To recap, Macros allow you to pull pre-made replies into tickets, set ticket properties (ie: status, tags, priority) and assign tickets to particular team members with just one click. All this means that you’ll be handling tickets faster than ever, without ever sacrificing the quality of your customer service!

    Why use Macros?

    Let’s take a common scenario: you get another dreary ticket. It’s a ticket that you get regularly, regarding a forgotten password and trouble logging in. Here are the things you must do to the ticket:

    • Set a tag called “password reset” to group similar tickets together
    • Set the case status to “Pending” to receive confirmation from the customer when all’s done
    • Add a reply directing user to changed password or knowledge base article, for example

    In this case, there are 3 actions at the minimum that you must complete. Macros turn all of these actions into one:

    Editing a macro in Helprace

    Using Macros

    Macros can be set within any ticket by clicking the "Apply Macro" dropdown box.

    Helprace allows you to call up macros by searching. As you type your query in the dropdown box, macros are called up in real-time, enabling you to quickly make an appropriate action to your ticket.

    Remember: every Macro is editable. As you publish a new knowledge base answer or receive a great reply from one of your agents, you can use them to update your Macros.

    You can organize your Macros in folders and sub-folders. This is useful if you want to create multiple categories for different issues or attach macros to company departments.

    At Helprace, our primary goal is to develop the right tools for you to keep customers happy. We understand that a new feature means you’ll need some time to get a hang of it. Fear not, you can read all about Macros in our knowledge base. Macros are accessible to users in “Targeted” and “All-In” plans.

    Check back for more exciting updates we’ve got up our sleeve and keep suggesting ideas you would like to see next!


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