• 7 Reasons To Overhaul Your Company Knowledge

    Tue, 19 Nov 2013, in Releases

    Imagine there were no ‘bases’ baseball? Sure, the game wouldn’t exist as we know it but stay with me on this one.

    If the function of a base were suddenly removed during a baseball match, wouldn’t the players be simply disoriented and lost to their purpose on the field?

    7 Reasons to Overhaul Your Company Knowledgephoto credit pauldineen

    It’s kind of what businesses experience when they choose not to centralize company literature, tips and user guides when working on customer service requests. If you think this sounds like a disaster that could never happen to you, think again. With email requests being the preferred method of communication between companies, customers and IT professionals, centralizing your knowledge can vastly reduce the number of requests assigned to your agents.

    Why bother with a knowledge base anyway?

    You already have an active user community and a team of support agents battling away tickets. What’s the point of adding a knowledge base to this busy party? A knowledge base is a huge time saver. You save your agents time by letting them submit their best practice and support articles. These articles are linked through tags and indexed with our search engine suggestions, saving your customers time, too. That’s still not all! Your team can also post private articles aimed at your technicians and admins, saving company resources. That’s a lot of saving!

    Share knowledge with your customers using Helprace

    After launching our community, we realized that a central library of information was the next big step towards making life a little easier for businesses. Firstly, hosting a knowledge base externally allows for seamless integration into your community. External hosting also eliminates the costs associated with upkeep and  management of hosting infrastructure and security.

    We realized something else. Customers should be given an opportunity to benefit from a full self-service experience before they are forced to call support or submit & open a ticket.

    More on how a knowledge base can improve your company: 

    Helprace knowledge base software gives your company a chance to…

    Reduce your customer service tickets

    Instead of flooding your mailbox with repetitive tickets, your customers can immediately find the appropriate solution themselves simply by searching your knowledge base.

    Compile a frequently asked questions database

    This is usually the first place customers look into when a general question arises. A successful frequently asked questions site should attract users through its organization and ease of navigation.

    Write troubleshooting guides

    Troubleshooting guides are particularly useful for products that may have anticipated issues. By giving users the option of adding comments to articles, customer service agents can immediately be dispatched and improve troubleshooting processes at the same time.

    Upload articles, white papers

    Keep knowledge circulating and company talent flowing by regularly uploading company literature. Use industry knowledge particular to your business to raise awareness amongst existing and potential customers.

    Create user guides

    Businesses can educate customers about their product through online user guides. Save time and money since a robust collection of guides decreases the number of support tickets for your agents.

    Publish News & Announcements

    Your customers will surely appreciate being kept in the loop with fresh updates. Get customer feedback on news and announcements immediately and steer your company in the right direction.

    Offer Rich Content

    Aside from having virtually unlimited possibilities in content creation, your agents can also edit published information, add images, videos and other rich content as attachments.

    Have we convinced you yet?

    The Helprace knowledge base is also intuitively easy to use. The end-user has the option of using a search engine format or the option of browsing the database in order to find the required information.  An effective knowledge base also allows businesses to improve the overall customer service experience and heighten brand awareness online.

    In just a few seconds, you can join Helprace and quickly experience the benefits of a dedicated, easy-to-use customer service platform. Take a look at our Tour to see what separates Helprace from other customer service software out there. Register to start using your trial and read up our many resources along the way to find out how Helprace can help you expand your business.


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