Improved Teamwork, Effortless Ticketing

  • Saved Replies

    Fire off repeat tickets easily with canned responses

  • Internal Notes

    Leave private notes in tickets to communicate internally

  • Ticket Assignment

    Delegate or auto-assign tickets to the right person

  • Collision Detection

    Know when you're in a ticket others are working on

  • Tags

    Organize, manage and route tickets with tags

A Powerful Productivity Tool for Your Team Helprace Know All About Your Customers

Know All About Your Customers

  • Customer Profiles

    All the necessary customer information in one place

  • Contact Cloud

    Pull publicly available data about your customers

  • Profile Notes

    Add secret notes to customer profiles

  • Satisfaction

    Uncover customer sentiment with satisfaction scores

  • Previous Interactions

    Always be aware of the customer's recent activity

  • Custom Apps

    Show info from your CRM, shopping cart or website

Know All About Your Customers Know All About Your Customers

Make The Most of Self-Service

Show related topics in contact form

Show Suggested Articles to Customers and Agents
Show Suggested Articles to Customers and Agents

Say No to Boring, Repetitive Tasks

Automate the Routine

  • Instant Rules

    Notify users, update ticket fields, route new tickets when certain condition are met

  • Time Based Rules

    Run time-based actions: send reminders or reopen an unanswered ticket

  • Macros

    Update multiple ticket properties with a single click

Automate the Routine

Know the Heart Rate of Your Help Desk

Meaningful Reports & Insights


Ticket Reports
Productivity Reports
Happiness Reports
Team Reports

We're Not Done Yet!

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  • Multiple Mailboxes

    Manage emails as a team. Work across departments from one account

  • Smart Folders

    Organize tickets into custom lists that update in real time

  • Reminders

    Have tickets reopen automatically at a specified time in the future

  • Custom Fields

    Set up fields to store custom data for each ticket

  • Phone Tickets

    Save telephone conversations or create new users without knowing their email

  • Feedback Widget

    A tab on your website for customers to search for articles and provide feedback

  • Activity Log

    Track everything that happens in a ticket: state changes, workflows, notifications and more

  • Custom SMTP

    Send emails via your own SMTP server if required

  • SSO

    Integrate Helprace with the sign in system of your app or website

  • Developer API

    Integrate your helpdesk with your website or app using Helprace REST API

  • Webhooks

    Relay data to your system. Call a script on your server during events in Helprace

  • Email Commands

    Respond to tickets via your email app. Set properties with #commands

+ 103 more features

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